Weekly Prayers


在他被捉拿前(約翰福音17章),耶穌為幾件事情禱告: 他自己得榮耀(1),門徒得保護不受惡者的攻擊(15),門徒透過真理成聖(17),門徒同心合一(21)。透過復活, 耶穌已經得榮耀,不過我們仍然需要祈求保護,成聖和合一,尤其是未來一個星期,當我們的心靈朝向加略山的時候,耶穌當天晚上的禱告也應該是我們的禱告。這些日子,病毒常被形容為我們的的仇敵。但是基督徒明白,我們真正的仇敵是謊言(約翰福音8:44)和爭競(雅各書3:16)之父魔鬼。因此讓我們記住為打敗惡者禱告!



Crosspoint: 為教會經濟祈禱。因疫情影響教會每月奉獻出現嚴重下跌。求主提醒會友們在十一奉獻上盡忠。

星期一: 讀馬太福音第 2章

Tracy: 請為Tracy團隊的創意力禱告,讓我們在疫情中更能宣揚福音。讓我們在這封城的期間繼續厲行大使命。

星期二: 讀馬太福音第 3章

Peninsula: 半島分堂將於4月4日發佈「外展」視頻; 祈求這視頻以上帝的愛來感動未信者的生命,並能鼓勵和激勵信徒與基督同行。

星期三: 讀馬太福音第 4章

兒童部: 求神憐憫滙點的家庭,在居家防疫期間,賜下平安喜樂與各家的父母和孩子們同在。雖然疫情緊張,但內心並不害怕,因為有神保護我們,也不離棄我們。求神醫治生病的,釋放心靈受困的孩子們。

星期四: 讀馬太福音第 5章

Milpitas: 請為我們的信心和智慧禱告。求神幫助我們在試煉中信心能夠成長並且賜給我們智慧懂得如何在試煉中仍然有喜樂!

星期五: 讀馬太福音第 6章

Pleasanton: 請為我們 Pleasanton 的弟兄姊妹祈禱,讓我們能夠利用這關鍵的時刻伸出援手,並找到方法服事需要幫助的人。


Milpitas: 請為家庭被困在房子至少一個月彼此之間和睦共處祈禱,希望青少年見不到朋友不會覺得孤獨。

Dear Crosspointers, 

In his prayer before being arrested (John 17), Jesus prayed for his glorification (v1), the protection of his disciples from the evil one (v15), the sanctification of his disciples by the truth (v17), and the complete unity among his disciples (v21).  Through his resurrection, Jesus was already glorified. Yet, we must continue to pray for protection, sanctification, and unity – especially in this week as our mind is set on Calvary. What Jesus prayed that night should be our prayer focus. These days, virus is often spoken as our enemy.  But Christians understand that our real enemy is the devil, who is father of lies (John 8:44) and strife (James 3:16). Let’s pray for the defeat of the Enemy!


Pastor Gideon Lee


Crosspoint: Pray for the church’s financial situation.  Because of the Pandemic offering is down sharply. Pray that members can be faithful in their tithe.

Monday: Read Matthew 2

Tracy: Please pray for our creativity to outreach even in this difficult time. May the Shelter in place situation won’t stop us from doing the Great Commission.

Tuesday: Read Matthew 3

Peninsula: The Peninsula Campus will be releasing an Outreach Video on April 4;  pray that the Video will touch the lives of unbelievers with the love of God, and encourage and edify believers in their faith walk with Christ.

Wednesday: Read Matthew 4

Pleasanton: Please pray for the online life group meetings that the fellowship of our faith will continue bringing encouragement and comfort in love to one another.

Thursday: Read Matthew 5

Milpitas: Please pray for our faith and wisdom in God, Pray that God will help us to grow our faith and also give us wisdom as we rely on Him to go through this trial.

Friday: Read Matthew 6

Pleasanton: Please pray for our Crosspointers in Pleasanton that we will make use of this critical time to reach out and find ways to minister to those who are in need.


Milpitas: Please pray for families to have peace between each other in their homes as we are stuck in the house for at least another month. Pray that the youth won’t get too lonely without seeing their friends.