Weekly Prayers – English

Dear Crosspointers,

“Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved” (Joel 2:32).  “But,” Paul wrote to the Romans (10:14), “how can they call on the one they not believed in? And how can they believe in the one whom they have not heard?”  Evangelists are necessary!  But why did Paul say that their feet are beautiful? If their mission is to preach, shouldn’t Paul say that their voices are beautiful instead?  It is because evangelists must go, not just geographically, but culturally.  Even when their voices are not as beautiful because they speak with a foreign accent, their beautiful feet more than make up for that.  As we plan to COME back to church, let’s also pray for new places to GO!


Pastor Gideon Lee


Crosspoint: Pray for reopening plan and related arrangement. Pray that the church can reopen safely and without any COVID-19 virus infection. (We still have to wait for the government to announce the reopening permission)

Monday: Romans 9

Tracy: Pray for our new show “The voice of Xpt”. Praise the Lord that we may finish the project with the least amount of manpower. May God use this program to glorify Himself, so that more non-believing mandarin families may know Jesus Christ through us, even in this pandemic.

Tuesday: Romans 10

Peninsula: Pray for a sincere awakening and revival of our Church, particularly our Campus, during this pandemic;  pray that all Crosspointers will walk ‘according to His purpose.’

Wednesday: Romans 11

Pleasanton: Please pray for the elder. During the SIP, may God protect their mind and soul, grant them joy and give them a peaceful sleep.

Thursday: Romans 12

Milpitas: Please pray for our life group during the SIP. Pray that God will use our life group to grow Crosspointers’ faith.

Friday: Romans 13

Pleasanton: 我們已經在上週提交了preschool 的CUP申請,以供Pleasanton市進行初步審核。祈求申請過程會順利和迅速。


Milpitas: Please pray for all the students as they’re wrapping up the school year to be diligent in their studies.