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Weekly Prayers


我剛讀過一篇來自 Christianity Today 的文章 「被文化囚禁中的今日教會」。 文章指出 「以基督為主就是大使命。 如果個一個人的生命主權沒有完全降服在基督腳下,這樣就犯了『疏忽之罪』 (sins of omission) 。 耶穌說要使人作門徒而不是作群眾。 教會目前的危機是我們有許多的會眾,但卻只有寥寥可數的門徒。」

羅馬書10: 9清楚指出我們必須口裡承認「耶穌為主」。 這意味著我們必須將生命擺上,讓上帝掌管和引導我們的餘生。 我們必須要降服在主耶穌的腳下,包括將我們的金錢,思想和意志降服在基督腳下。 讓我們禱告, 讓我們完全降服在基督的旨意下。阿門!





中半島分堂將於6月2日開始啟發課程; 祈求所有參與者在探索信仰的重大問題時能得到聖靈的啟迪。












繼續為Caleb Hankin他的到來和學生事工的成長禱告。祈求上帝的智慧,洞察力和帶領我們的學生事工主任。



為那些生病的人禱告; 祈求上帝恢復他們的健康,賜予他們智慧,使他們能將自己的身體作聖靈的殿。



繼續為孩童禱告。祈求上帝保守教會的孩童,保護他們免受傷害,並幫助他們在為主一生服侍做好準備, 持續在主裡成長。

Dear Crosspointers:

I just read an article,  “The Church Today in Cultural Captivity”,  from Christianity Today.   The article states that “The Lordship of Christ is the Great Commission.  The sin of omission overtakes the Great Commission if the sovereignty of the individual is not fully surrendered to the sovereignty of Christ.  Jesus said to make disciples, not crowds. The current crisis in the Church is that we have great crowds, but few disciples.”

Romans 10:9 states that we have to confess with our mouths that “Jesus is Lord”.   This means that we have to surrender our lives and allow God to guide and direct us.  We are to surrender all to Jesus, our finances, our thoughts, and our will. Let’s pray that we all come to the point of total submission to His will.   Amen!


Pastor Alan


Daily Prayer Guide


The San Francisco Peninsula Campus will begin the Alpha Course on June 2;  pray that all participants to engage directly with God as they explore the big questions of faith.



Please pray for the one who raised hand and committed to Christ at the sharing of Miss Mary Cheung. Pray for their new journey in Christ.  Let’s pray for more people in Tracy to know Christ through our church.



Pray for the body, hear, and soul of the pastoral staff and church leaders. Ask God to protect them and bless them. Pray that they will fear the Lord as they serve people and lead the church so that they can continue to lead us to experience God’s greatness and work of wonders.



Pray for the Bible teachers as they will meet the next few weeks for pre-study on the book of Acts. Pray to God for giving them wisdom so that they not only learn to lead the Bible study but also know how to respond and obey God’s Word.   



Continue to pray for Caleb Hankin. Pray for God’s wisdom, discernment, and guidance with his coming and for the growth of the Student Ministry.


Pray for those who are sick;  ask God to restore their health, give them wisdom so that they could treat their bodies as the temple of the Holy Spirit.


Continue to pray for our next generations.  Pray that God will bless the children of the church, protecting them from harm and helping them to grow strong in the Lord as they prepare for a lifetime of serving Christ.