Weekly Prayers



智慧書有不少內容是透過觀察人性和神的屬性去解釋律法的理由。「智慧」與「理解」(中文聖經通常譯為「聰明」或「悟性」)是可替換的近義詞(箴言 3:19-20; 24:3-4)。 讀智慧書使人不止知其然,也知其所以然。 同樣地,祈求智慧不止是求能力去做正確的決定或是得到一些技巧將事情辦好, 也是求去明白為什麼要做某些事情,明白了就更有心力去做。 讓我們祈求更有深度的悟性智慧,去了解神的心意(箴言 25:2)!






Crosspoint: 為11/16周六早上的領袖大會及下午的生命小組組長訓練祈禱,求主幫助今年及明年的信徒領袖們作好心態和知識上的準備,迎向明年教會主任牧師更替的新挑戰。



Tracy: 請為Tracy的新英語小組禱告。求神保守賜福英語組長,讓這小組成為本地其他英語人士的祝福。



Peninsula: 為我們的EBS(福音性研經)第二系列禱告;祈求所有參與者彼此之間都感到安心,最重要的是可以安心地思想和提問。



Pleasanton: 請為將在11/24接受浸禮的弟兄姊妹禱告。願神給他們無畏的決心把大使命進行到底。



Milpitas: 為摩西生平研經班課程祈禱。十一月老師將有預查,明年將把研經課程帶入各小組中。



Pleasanton: 青少年冬令會將於2/15到2/17在 Cold Springs 的 Jenness Park舉行。祈求我們的青少年有一段充實的時光,也求主觸摸他們的生命。



Milpitas: 繼續為星期二啟發小組祈禱。願神給參加者認識神的真理。為我們的義工們祈求聚會時的智慧和關懷。為青少年敬拜團隊的成長祈禱。

Dear Crosspointers,


Much of wisdom literature in the Bible explains the rationale behind the Laws through observations of human and divine natures.  The word “wisdom” is used interchangeably with “understanding” (Prov. 3:19-20; 24:3-4).  Wisdom literature teaches not just how, but what and why.  Similarly, praying for wisdom is more than seeking the ability to make the correct decision and the skills to carry out the requisite tasks, it is also to understand why we need to do certain things so that we may have the desire to do them.  Let’s pray for more wisdom of understanding so that we may appreciate the purpose of God (Prov. 25:2)!


Pastor Gideon Lee


Daily Prayer Guide


Crosspoint: Pray for 11/16 this coming Saturday morning’s Leadership Rally and afternoon’s Life Group Leaders Training. May the Lord speak to existing and future leaders, preparing our hearts and minds to the Senior Pastor transitional challenges ahead.



Tracy: Pray for our new English Life Group in Tracy.  May God bless our new local group leader and let this new group to be a blessing for all English speakers in Tracy.



Peninsula: Pray for the second series of our EBS (Evangelical Bible Study) and pray that all participants feel safe with each other, and most importantly, safe to think and question.



Pleasanton: Pray for those whose will be baptized on 11/24. May God fill them with courage and commitment to the Great Commandment.



Milpitas: Pray for the bible study series on the life of Moses.  There will be pre-study among teachers in November, equipping them to bring the lessons in to life groups.



Pleasanton: Our youth winter retreat is from 2/15 to 2/17.  We will be going to Jenness Park in Cold Springs, CA.  Pray that our youth will have a fruitful time, and that their lives will be touched by the Lord.



Milpitas: Continue to pray for our Tuesday Alpha Group, that the participants would come to know God’s truth. Pray for God’s wisdom and compassion for our volunteers as they meet.