Weekly Prayers


馬丁·路德·金有一個夢想,就是有一天,他的四個孩子會生活在一個不根據膚色,而是根據品格來判斷他們的國家 。我個人也有一個夢想,就是人們來教會,不計較我們的文化背景跟他們不相同,因為在這裡找到萬民渴望的的永恆真理,屬天盼望,以及彼此相愛的心 !



Crosspoint: 為即將開始的新一年度生命小組祈禱。求主加力、智慧、耐性與愛心給組長們,也求主給組員們有一個共同承擔的心,能一起學習彼此相愛、互助互勉、扶持長進、同心外展。


Tracy: 感謝神讓我們在新的一年見證主的恩典,讓兩位弟兄姊妹決志信主。請為他們的屬靈生命禱告,也祈求更多人能藉著教會認識並跟隨主。


Peninsula: 繼續為19日即將舉行的「初信造就班」禱告; 祈求所有新信徒都可以運用他們所學的知識來經歷生命的改變。


Pleasanton: 為兩個福音基地的英語事工祈禱。求神幫助 Pastor Matt and Pastor Daniel 聯結會眾,招聚社區中講英語的人士到上帝面前。


Milpitas: 請為那些身體軟軟的弟兄姊姊們禱告,求神醫治和賜給他們力量!


Pleasanton: 我們有幾位弟兄姊妹在上Pleasanton週日的敬拜中決志信主。求主加強他們的信心, 讓他們找到合適的生命小組, 幫助他們在靈命上繼續成長。


Milpitas: 為生命小組在新的一年更多的精力放在社區關懷祈禱。繼續為冬季青少年退修會中祈禱,希望參加者更多地去體驗神。

Dear Crosspointers,

Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream that his four children would one day live in a nation where they would not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content their character.  I, too, have a dream. And it is that people would come to church not because we share a similar cultural background with them, but because they find here the eternal truth, heavenly hope, and love for one another that are desired by all nations!


Pastor Gideon Lee


Crosspoint: Pray for the beginning of our new Life group cycle. Pray for strength, wisdom, patience and compassion of all group leaders.  Also, pray that all group members can learn to love one another, support one another, edify one another, and reach out together.


Tracy: Praise the Lord that we got a brother and a sister committed to follow Christ this month. Pray for their growth in Christ. Also pray that more will commit to Christ in 2020.


Peninsula: Continue to pray for the forthcoming New Believer Class on the 19th;  pray for all new believers to experience life-change by applying what they have learnt.


Pleasanton: Pray for our two bases for the English ministry. Pray that God would help Pastor Matt and Pastor Daniel to connect with the congregations and gather English-speaking before God.


Milpitas: Please pray for those who are physically weak.  May God give them strength and healing!


Pleasanton: We have several Crosspointers who decided to follow Christ at our last Sunday’s worship service.  Pray that their faith will be strengthened, and they will join our life groups so that they will continue to grow spiritually.


Milpitas: Please pray for the Life Groups in the New Year as we focus more on being a community that cares for each other, reaches out to the community, and loves the lost. Continue praying for the hearts of those going on the winter retreat to experience God.