Student Ministry Pastor (Full-Time)

Job Description: To oversee, strengthen, develop and administer youth ministry of the church and to assist in various church ministries.

Qualifications: The candidate should be a maturing Christian and should have experienced a sense of God’s call in Christian ministry. The candidate should be professionally trained in Christian ministry or in the process of receiving relevant training. The candidate should subscribe to the Baptist faith and doctrine.

  • Born or grew up in North America.
  • Friendly, energetic, love to work with youth and have a compassion for building up God’s people.
  • Related youth/children experiences.
  • Gifted in teaching and shepherding.
  • Ability to envision, make plan, organize and execute programs.

Responsibilities: The Student Ministry Pastor will be responsible and report to the English Pastor.

  • Serve as an overseer and administrator of the youth small group ministry.
  • Provide leadership in the development of the youth small group ministry.
  • Coordinate with other ministerial staff and/or ministry directors to provide materials and ideas for youth program and related activities.
  • Recruit, train, equip leaders for the ministry and to supervise them mobilizing small group members to support church direction and activities.
  • Supervise, evaluate and care for the leaders of the ministry.
  • Preach, teach and conduct seminars, workshops and training sessions as requested.
  • Prepare agenda and preside the meeting of the youth ministry.
  • Prepare annual budget for the youth ministry.
  • Attend Church Council meeting and church-wide activities.
  • Attend pastoral staff meeting and retreat.
  • Give input and feedback to the Pastoral staff.
  • Assist other church ministries assigned by the English Pastor.
  • Meet with the English Pastor on a regular basis to review, evaluate and set goals for the ministry and for personal enrichment.

Please send your resume to Rev. Ting Yik Leung