Word of your Pastor

效法他們的信心–Imitate Their Faith


繼任了匯點的主任牧師,我感到再無任何忌諱,可以為前任主任牧師作點評價。所謂「概棺定論」,主若願意,招牧師尚有很多年日去服侍教會,我們不知他未來的日子會如何,但他和師母過去二十年為匯點、為福音、為弟兄姊妹的生命、為浸信宗網絡、為神國度所 結的「成果 」,實在值得我們效法。



1. 為主冒險的信心:二十年前領數十會眾開荒建立「匯點」,到今天四個分堂,過千會眾。是他俩敢於作為主冒險的決定、憑信心踏上不知的前路 。

2. 鍥而不捨的信心:在他們的字典裡沒有「不可能」,只有「不容易」,信祂是「凡事都能」 的上帝。他們會不斷嘗試,直至境遇真的完全關門為止。有不少次上帝真的成就了他們所求所爭取的。

3. 燃盡一生的信心:放在他們面前的服侍,他們總盡力去做,信得過上帝會把擺上的化作成為別人和天國的祝福 。

4. 傳承交棒的信心: 越洋錯愛,對繼任者沒有太深入認識,卻願意把經營載的教會傳承,是對天父莫大的信心。







Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith. (Hebrews 13:7, NIV)

Having succeeded the Senior Pastor position of Crosspoint, I have no more fear to make some comments on our former Senior Pastor.

We do not know what will happen to Rev and Mrs Chiu in the future. However, what the Chius have accomplished in the past 20 years, for the Gospel, for the lives of brothers and sisters, for the Baptist network, and for the kingdom of God, is worth “imitating”.

The author of Hebrews reminds us of three things to act. First, to “remember” what they have done for us.  Second, “observe” the outcomes of their lives, past and future. Third, “learn” from their faith. Note that the author asks us not to learn from their behavior, style or personality, but from their faith in God. Since I knew the Chius for sometime, let me share with you what everyone should imitate from them:

1. Faith in Taking Risk: twenty years ago, the Chius led dozens of people to begin “Crosspoint.” Today, we have four campuses and 3 owned church buildings.  It was they who dared to take the risk for the Lord, and with faith they stepped on the unknown paths.

2. Faith in Overcoming Difficulties: there is no “impossible” in their dictionary, believing  “all things are possible” with God. They would keep trying until the door really shuts down completely. Many times God accomplished what they were striving for.

3. Faith in Serving the Lord without Reservation: they always made sacrifices for the ministry, trusting that God will turn their offerings into blessings for others and heaven.

4. Faith in Passing the Torch: it is a great faith in God to pass on the church’s leadership to an outsider, to succeed and continue the ministry at Crosspoint.

The faith of the Chius is to remind us what the author of Hebrews articulates in the following verse:

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

No matter how successful we are or how much faith we have, we are all just servants of God with imperfect lives. We are saved and called to bring people to the never changing Christ.


Your Pastor,

Ting Y Leung